How to get involved

Although InnovAiT is published as a monthly paper-based journal, we have always encouraged our readers to get involved at all levels. Ways in which you could get involved include:

  • Following us on Twitter @RCGP_InnovAiT
  • Sending us comments about material that we publish either in the print journal or on-line – you can do this via Twitter
  • Reviewing new articles submitted to InnovAiT,  or
  • Writing articles for InnovAiT
  • Interviewing for our Podcasts

Reviewing involves reading other people’s articles before they are accepted for publication and providing feedback on style and content to the authors so that they can improve their articles and make them more relevant for our readership (i.e. YOU). It is a very thought provoking and educational exercise that does not take up too much time, and it can be fun.  If you would like to sign up as an InnovAiT reviewer, please contact our editorial office at

We always welcome new authors for InnovAiT, so if you are interested and enjoy writing, why not give it a go? We have produced a short guide to medical publishing that may provide you with some pointers on how to get started. We publish clinical and non-clinical feature articles, general interest articles (also known as fillers), case studies, book and course reviews and audit reports. If you lack confidence, we also have a buddy scheme whereby you can be paired on request with an experienced author to provide you with advice, support and constructive feedback during the writing process

It is important to contact our editorial office ( before starting to write an article as we cannot duplicate topics within any three year period, and even if an article has not been published on the topic that you wish to write about, there may be an article that has already been commissioned on that topic. We are happy to consider your ideas for articles, or can provide you with a title on a topic that you are interested in if you would prefer.

We are always looking for contributors to our podcasts. You can interview someone or submit your own piece if you prefer. If you’d like some advice or guidance on being podcasted then please contact us using the form below.



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