January Podcast

PodcastIn the January podcast, along with our regular News and views and AKT question, we focus on oral health. Dr Timothy Crossman, a dentist turned GP trainee, is interviewed by Dr Hilary Nash, a GP trainee about his article in this month’s online journal: The oral manifestations of systemic disease. In separate interviews Timothy discusses points from NICE CG27 ‘referral for suspected cancer’ relevant to oral health and, finally, Timothy interviews Mr Tom Walker, a maxillofacial surgeon from Bristol, about maxillofacial surgery, the conditions that may present to primary care and the overlap with dentistry.


Oral manifestations of systemic disease

For GPs, examination of the oral cavity can be a daunting experience as oral health and disease is an area of medicine only briefly touched upon in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Systemic diseases, anaemia and skin conditions may initially present to the GP with oral signs. It is important that GPs have a good understanding of these oral manifestations, prompting appropriate examination and investigation, early diagnosis and effective treatment. This article describes a pragmatic approach to oral examination in the general practice setting and discusses all the common, and some rarer, presentations of systemic disease in adults.