Working abroad

Here is this month’s Clinical Scenario from RCGP Learning in conjunction with Several of my peers from VTS training have either worked or moved permanently abroad since qualifying and this seems to be the case nationally. The pull of family needs here and the appeal of working abroad is a very real one – let us know your thoughts on the comments page which you can access from this link

Dr Anderson has just completed his GP training in the UK and has been doing some locum work. He has seen an advertisement for a GP post in rural New Zealand and thinks that he might apply. However, his mother has a long-term illness and he is worried that, if he does go to work abroad, he might not be able to return to work in the UK as a GP should his mother deteriorate and need his help.

Suggested points for discussion

  • What are the rules about UK-trained doctors returning to work in the UK after some time abroad?
  • How might Dr Anderson maintain his right to practise in the UK whilst working abroad?
  • Would these rules be different if Dr Anderson was trained in New Zealand and wanted to come to work in the UK?
  • What other factors might influence Dr Anderson’s decision?