Drug Monitoring – Primary and Secondary Care Interface

This month’s Clinical Scenario on the RCGP forum is about drug monitoring. It is a really interesting scenario with lots of discussion points. In a time of trying to improve our resilience, it’s cases like this which rightly or wrongly, make me worry. If a complaint came through – what would you do? Do you have a clinical governance process in your practice to review cases such as this? See what you think….

Drug Monitoring
A patient of yours is seen in the rheumatology clinic and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The consultant initiates methotrexate treatment and organises baseline monitoring blood tests. When checking patient blood results after morning surgery one day, you discover that this patient’s white cell count is 2.9 x109/L. You review the patient’s notes and see that the rheumatology consultant prescribed the methotrexate, requested the blood test and copied you in to the results for information. Therefore you do not act on the result.
Two weeks later you receive an out-of-hours report stating that the patient was admitted overnight with a multi-lobar pneumonia. You telephone the rheumatology clinic to discuss the case and discover that the consultant has been on annual leave for 2 weeks and unfortunately the initial blood results were not acted upon. The patient required hospital admission, which led to financial difficulties for the patient as he was self-employed. When you next see the patient in your surgery, he is very angry with you, asking why you did not contact him about the abnormal blood test. The patient is keen to highlight that the correct advice from you could have prevented his illness.
Suggested points for discussion


  • How might you address the patient’s concerns?
  • How would you discuss this case with the rheumatology consultant?
  • How might you raise your concerns outside the practice to try and prevent this situation from occurring again?


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