2015 with InnovAiT

Happy New Year!

Whether you’re a trainee, trainer, regular GP or allied health professional, we hope you enjoy reading InnovAiT and find it useful. Articles are almost entirely written by clinicians, so you can be assured that what you read is relevant, up to date and evidence based. We’ve searched the literature so you don’t have to!

New Year’s Resolution?

Want to boost your CV by writing for us, develop your knowlege or gather appraisal fodder? InnovAiT is perfect for you. The articles are practically focused, so if you change your own practice as a result then double CPD credits are yours.

Write for us

These are our current priority topics. If you’d like to learn more, be published or simply get writing experience, then please contact Margaret Searle


  • Patient satisfaction surveys (inc. patient feedback, NHS survey, F&F test etc)
  • How the GP Contract works
  • What is a CCG and what does it do?
  • Performance targets for GPs
    • How to plan a tutorial
  • Dealing with difficult patients
  • Death certification and confirmation of death