General practice 2022 – a call to action


2022GP has now been launched with a UK-wide ‘call to action’ to put general practice and GPs at the heart of the transformation of the NHS over the next ten years.

This is our biggest-ever consultation and we are asking health professionals, patients, politicians and the public across the four nations to contribute and help us to deliver our vision of better patient care and a healthier population by 2022.

As a starting point, we have compiled a ‘compendium of evidence’ demonstrating how GPs can – and should be – the driving force for transforming the care and services that patients receive, wherever they live in the UK.

It really is a fascinating read and proves what we have known all along: that GPs are mission critical to the NHS and that we are the key to ensuring that care is accessible, universal and value for money.

Our current ambitions for longer GP training, increased numbers of GPs and longer appointment times, form the backdrop to the consultation paper.

We look at four main areas – the current role of general practice and GPs in the UK; general practice as a driver of improved health outcomes; future challenges and new ways of working – alongside key actions.

Please take a look and read it for yourselves. This is the start of our blueprint for the future of patient care and I hope that, with your help, it will be one of the most exciting developments we have ever witnessed in primary care.

I’m convinced that we can meet the many challenges of the future – but first we must equip the profession to develop and thrive.

Read more about it, and have your say here.